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Hallo, wie geht's? 
My name is Corinna Donie, I am a native and professional German teacher who enjoys helping  students explore the surprising world that a new language and its culture(s) come to represent.

I have been teaching German for more than 15 years now, helping my students from all over the world to reach their learning goals and to express themselves better and better in German. 
I teach online and face-to-face lessons to teenagers and adults, for companies and individuals and focusing on either General or Business German, from level A1 to C1. I hold a diploma in teaching German as foreign language by the Goethe Institut and a certificate in online teaching.

I studied Business Administration and Language Studies in Spain and Germany. Originally from Saarland, I lived many years in bustling Madrid, another couple of years in hip Berlin and many more in lovely Asturias. Now based in the charming Sierra of Madrid, also from here I bring my students closer to the fascinating and fun world of the German language. 

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